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Shargeek – 100W Travel Wall Charger

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The only charger you need on the go, small, powerful and efficient.
The 100W USB-C charger features 3 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port.
Save your desktop space by powering multiple devices simultaneously.

Compact Size

Thanks to the GaN technology, Shargeek 100W USB-c charger
is 30% smaller than a normal 96W charger. The compact design
ensures maximum portability wherever you go.


Length: 77 mm (3.03″)
Width: 59 mm (2.32″)
Height: 29 mm (1.14″)


  • 100W Charger
  • UK, EU, AU Plugs

Output power mode

C1/C2: PD100W; C3: PD20W; A: 18W QC/22.5W
C1+C2/C3: PD60W+PD30W
C2+C3: PD45W+PD20W; C1+A: PD60W+18W QC/22.5W SCP C2+A: PD45W+18W QC/22.5W SCP
C3+A: 10W+10W; C1+C2+C3: PD45W+PD30W+PD20W; C1+C2+A: PD45W+PD30W+18W QC/22.5W SCP;
C1+C3+A: PD60W+10W+10W;
C2+C3+A: PD45W+10W+10WPD
C1+C2+C3+A: 45W+PD30W+10W+10W

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